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The Supplier documents section of the Rolls-Royce Global Supplier Portal provides a one-stop-shop for all Rolls-Royce information needed to manage your operations effectively.

SABRe (Supplier Management System Requirements) is the supplier-facing element of the Rolls-Royce Management System and is applicable to all suppliers or partners who supply products and / or services to Rolls-Royce contracts / purchase orders.

This website contains useful materials and resources to support your engagement in the Drive for Zero Defects.

You will find on this site, the General Conditions of Purchase that outline the obligations of each party, as referenced on the contract / purchase order, to enable the work to be carried out.

This website enables the secure distribution of standards and specifications to the Rolls-Royce global supplier network.

Access to standards and specifications are divided and hosted by European and North American regions to ensure compliance to export control regulations and are available to view once registration has been approved by the regional teams.

This page gives guidance as to how a supplier can increase their own capabilities enabling them to be fully accountable for their quality maturity and performance, through the engagement of service providers. 
These documents are used by Rolls-Royce to communicate information to the global supply chain network and are free to read on this website.
Try the FAQs section if you have a question about any of the areas covered by the Global Supplier Portal and supplier documents.
Read and download training materials to accompany the SABRe processes, other areas of basic supplier training and areas specific to our business units.