Notices to supplier
NTS number: NTS455
Issue number: 1
Title: RB211-535E4-B-75 Tupolev Engines - End of Life Disposal
NTS comments:
Date issued: 25 Jan 2019
Originator: Steven McCumisky
Attention: Managing Director, Operations Managers, Production Engineering Managers, Planning Managers & Logistics Managers.
Business unit: Services - Civil
Scope: All suppliers previously involved in component manufacture & supply of RB211-535-E4-B-75 (Tupolev) unique standard parts for Gas Turbine components from Rolls-Royce plants 1202 (Civil OE) & 1203 (Civil Aftermarket spares). RB211-535E4B-75 key Salients ¿ Engine type is modified variant of RB211-535E4B-37 (Boeing 757) which remains actively in service. ¿ 505 unique engine BOM part numbers configured. ¿ 1st flight and certification in 1992. ¿ 1998-2002 a total of x8 Tupolev TU204 aircraft deliveries completed & new production ceased. ¿ 2017 Formal notification from operator ceasing all operations.
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