Notices to supplier
NTS number: NTS518
Issue number: 1
Title: Conflict Minerals 2021 (2020 reporting year)
NTS comments:
Date issued: 18 Nov 2020
Originator: Philip Page
Attention: The Managing Director
Business unit: GBS Procurement
Scope: All suppliers who supplied `products' (in accordance with the definition below) to any Rolls-Royce business in 2020 and those `products' that contain Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten or Gold. Definition of `product¿ in the context of this NTS: Any item that forms part of the product that Rolls-Royce distributes or sells to its customers, or, Any consumable or item used in the production process that also forms part of the final Rolls-Royce product (for example: spray powders, paints, welding wire, solder, brazing foils etc).
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